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Kids in Art Class


"Give our kids the
education they deserve."


I’m proud of the progress we have made but we aren’t done yet.  We have more to do.

As Your School Board President, I will Fight For:

  Continued Higher Pay for Teachers  

Under our leadership, we are #1 out of the 21 best places to teach in Tarrant County. We need to continue to  prioritize our resources and keep them in the classroom. 

  A New Culture   

We need to maintain a culture of accountability. This past year, we implemented a new accountability scorecard that holds the district accountable by providing quantitative data for progress.  What we measure; gets managed.

  Transparency and Communication   

Continuously foster more community partnerships.  More avenues for communication such as board notes, monthly board letters to the community, district magazine, weekly communication updates.


" I can prioritize needs and assess problems with a solution-minded focus. I am results- oriented."


   Save Our Children's Education   

Keep our kids in the classroom and retake our kids’ lives back.

"Truth is not subjective."


Why I'm Qualified


I am a mom of 2 college athletes (soccer and baseball).  I know how to set goals, achieve high standards and work efficiently.  I have raised my children and have the time to address the obstacles. My work ethic is relentless.

I'll Demand Change

I am bold and truthful.  I have courage to address the hard topics. I can prioritize needs and assess problems with a solution minded focus. I am results oriented.

Passion and Dedication

I am a 40-year resident; both my husband and myself attended Colleyville Middle School as well as Grapevine High School. Married for 27 years. This is the fabric of our family.  I am invested in the outcomes. I can bring people together and that is paramount to solving problems

" I can bring people together and that is paramount to solving problems"


Community Involvement

Throughout the years, I've dedicated my time to helping our community and school district thrive and grow. Some of the ways I've contributed and currently are involved in:

PTA at CES, CMS & GHS   Students Standing Strong leader.    Dine by Design- Chair 

School Fundraising   Sports team Manager

Concerned Women for America   Women's Ministry at First Colleyville

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