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Thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo is paramount to addressing the obstacles before us as a district.  I am a straight shooter and I speak truth.  Those who know me know that I always set the bar at EXCELLENT.  I do not shy away from hard work - in fact, I thrive on it - I do not wear out or lose focus until that goal of excellence is achieved. We are at a turning point where average Americans must step up and begin playing an active role in our local elected positions.  We need term limits for these positions.  Sitting for years on end must be a thing of the past.

School Kids

I will ask the hard

questions and demandexcellence in GCISD

once again

Excellence  Full Transparency 
New Perspective 

Accountability   Truth

JOIN ME    Restore GCISD

Elementary School Student

We have an opportunity 

to get back on track.

We have had challenges this past year that have impacted every child across every age spectrum.  We have great OPPORTUNITY to get back on track and become better!   I want to take the next step in giving back to this community that I love and adore - the community that launched every member of my family into the world and laid the foundation for us to create happy, meaningful, productive lives. This school board election is not about me, it is about WE! 


It is time for us to take our schools back.

I have concerns that our district is being swept into the progressive current.   We need full transparency on the issues facing the Board of Trustees, including complete transparency with spending, and holding ourselves at the highest of standards is important and vital to the success of our district.  If we want to attract and retain the best teachers, we need to pay salaries on par with surrounding areas.  We need sound budgeting, just like you manage your finances at home; our district should do the same.

It's OUR 


We have work to do.  We have trust to gain and the Citizens of GCISD are more than capable of rising to the occasion!  We are a diverse group of cities that are brought together with our schools as the anchor.  We need to forge ahead together and make GCISD the district that is the standard for Texas.  Let’s do this! Dream BIG! Join me!


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